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Host Your Own Events & Collect Payments
Only available for Indian residents. Onboarding & KYC takes 2 minutes.

Superfast Funds Disbursements

You will get your collected funds within 24 hours after your event is over.

Automatic Feedback Collection

Your participants can easily submit their feedback from the event page. And you can read all the feedbacks.

Some Salient Features

Publish Free Events
Not everytime you want to charge for your effort. We get it.
Automatically Generate Zoom Meetings
For your online events, we will automatically create new Zoom links for you.
Dynamically Change Pricing
Give early bird offers and reduced pricing based on user response.
Filter Events By Cities
Get notifications about intriguing events happening in your city.
Browse Only Online Events
Don't wanna step out of home? Search for online events exclusively.

Subscriptions & Discounts

You can give exclusive discounts to your customers for monthly subscriptions.

Coming Soon

Accept Payments In Multiple Currencies

You will able to accept payments in multiple currencies, and we will convert them to Indian Rupees in real time to settle them in your account.

Coming Soon

Refund Your Customers

Whether you cancelled the event, or you promised to refund your customers if they didn't enjoy the event - we've got you covered! Issue refunds with a single click.

Coming Soon

Leverage Machine Learning

Our AI microservices will help you fetch higher traction and increase sales, by targetting customers depending on their order history.

Coming Soon

More Features Coming Soon!

Send Credentials Post Registeration
Whether it's an online meeting password, or a verbal code-word.
On-Demand Funds Withdrawal
Issue payouts into your bank account anytime, without waiting for us.
Send Email Updates To Your Participants
Just type in your message, and we will email your participants.
Automatically Send Participation Certificates
We can programatically generate and send certificates post your event.
Digital Marketing Support
We will personally help you in fetching a larger audience.
Get Notifications From Your Favourite Organisers
Everytime your favourite organiser publishes a new event, we'll notify you.